Sledding And What It Entails

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September 19, 2016

Sledding And What It Entails

Sledding is a winter activity that is often a favorite among the general public. As the first snow falls, you will see adults and kids alike dragging their sleds for their first sled ride of the season. Since sledding is usually done down a hill, it is necessary to steer the sled carefully to avoid mishaps. There are plenty of different ways to position yourself on the sled to get make the ride more exciting. However, this comes with its own list of precautions. If you are a sledding enthusiast and can’t wait for winter to arrive to go sledding, you need to remember the following points to stay safe and enjoy this winter activity throughout the season, rather than spend time being laid up in bed with an injury!

Tackle The Right Hill
Rather than choosing a random hill to go sledding with your friends and family, you need to remember the following points to have an enjoyable afternoon:

  • The hill should not be very steep and needs to have an extended flat area near the bottom so that you can glide to a graceful stop.
  • Avoid choosing hillsides that tend to end near a parking lot or a street. Unnecessary accidents can be prevented by making wise choices.
  • Similarly, any hillside that ends near trees, fence, ponds, or other hazards need to be avoided.
  • The hill needs to be free of all bumps, jumps, rocks, trees or poles to be deemed safe to use it for sledding. It is safe to do a walk through of the hillside to ensure that it is smooth enough for an uneventful sledding experience.
  • Always go sledding when it is daytime. This way all potential hazards are well lit and you can avoid getting hurt.

Outfit For Going Sledding
Since sledding usually takes place during winter, it is necessary to wear proper winter wear to prevent hypothermia or frostbite. Make sure you have the right winter gear including hats, mittens, winter jacket, and boots and so on. The top sledding experts advice to avoid wearing any scarf or any kind of clothing that might get caught in the sled and lead to strangulation. At the end of the day, try to wear loose and warm clothing that will keep you dry and safe while you enjoy a day out sledding with friends and family.

The most commonly seen injuries as a result of going sledding include bruises and cuts caused by tripping over obstacles on the hillside. Broken bones are a close second on the list of injuries caused by irresponsible sledding. If you are new to sledding, you need to learn how t stop and control the speed of the sled in order to avoid getting injured unnecessarily. You need to earn how to halt the sled at any given point of time during the descent down the hills lope using your feet. This enables you to have some form of control over the speed of the sled.

Sledding constitutes the basis of many Olympic sports like skeleton, luge and bobsledding. Interestingly sledding has also become a professional sport in the recent years. Many professionals come together to take part in events held during the winter season to claim the top prize of the season. However, professional sledding is riskier than regular sledding, as it involves many obstacles placed in the path of the sled to make the contest more competitive. Skilled professionals will be able to manoeuvre their way through the course without any trouble. This is why professionals undergo a lot of practice to improve their sledding skills as well as their capability to endure different challenges in the path of the sled.

Although sledding is a fun sport to partake in, it often causes a lot of aches and pains at the end of the day. Many professionals have their ways of finding relief from these kinds of illnesses. However, full body massages seem to be the popular choice among the top practitioners in the country. They swear by indulging in spa therapies from Riverday Spa to find relief from pain and rejuvenated themselves to get ready for the practice session scheduled for the next day. Massages are often hailed by sports enthusiasts as the best way to overcome any sort of injury or pain. It has been time and again proved by plenty of top athletes all over the world.

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