Terms and Conditions

The website [www.supersledders.com] gives its users the option to view the website according to the Terms and Conditions listed below. In the process of viewing or accessing the above mentioned website, the user will have agreed to all the stipulated conditions and have understood the implications if any of the Terms and Conditions are not complied with. The user will also need to offer unconditional consent to each of the Terms and Conditions wherever applicable.

It allows the uploading, posting, submission of pictures or images, profiles, notes, videos as well as text and other forms of information. All of this data comes under the jurisdiction of the Terms and Conditions stated here. If the visitor posts any information on the website voluntarily, they will have given up their rights to the content of the website automatically. The visitor also needs to understand that any information posted on the website is considered to be non-confidential.

The content published or posted on the website needs to adhere to the local law and be free of any racial, sexual, pornographic, obscene, profane element in it. This website caters to children, and any content that is in violation of children’s rights will be taken down immediately and the user who posted it will be banned immediately from the website and will also face legal action in extreme cases. Users need to be extremely cautious while posting personal information as every profile has not been verified and cannot be deemed to be safe. Parents are advised to proceed with caution while their children access the website at all times.