Party Themes From Disneyland

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September 8, 2020
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Party Themes From Disneyland

Cute Micky Mouse Family Standing Infront of Disneyland Themed Party Celebration.

Party For Kids

Parties must be entertaining and fun filled. Especially, if it is for kids. Birthday parties for kids are fun events that are filled with activities, games, foods, and gifts. Kids will love theme based birthday parties. If they have a favourite character, you may most likely want to adopt that as the theme. It is easier to organize a birthday party when you have a theme to work around. The fact is that the presence of the theme will evoke a lot of interest in  children. They are bound to feel happy to see their favorite character stuck around in all shapes and forms.

Also, you don’t have to break your head on the party decorations. The party themes will influence the decorations as well. You can take the children on an imaginary journey that is filled with fantasies and magic with appropriate and creative party decorations. Like for example, you can have a Moana theme and take kids on a journey across the south Pacific that depicts the life of the Polynesian princess. Everything from party decorations, food, games, gifts and all activities will be based on Moana.

Party Decorations Based On Party Themes

Let us take a look at how we can organize a birthday party based on a theme, say, Moana. You need to first get the basic party supplies ready in Moana style. This includes themed party wares and southern decorations to give an authentic tropical look. Collect plates, cups, napkins and Luau table kit. The table kit comes with a tablecloth and a grass skirt that can be wrapped around the table. Moana themed party invitations are also a great start to this themed party.

A Polynesian party will have to look tropical. You can line the walls with bamboo setters, palm leaves and hibiscus cut-outs. Have a set of Moana-themed balloons. Tie the balloons to the palm trees or fill them with helium and let them fly around the party venue. Even the food and drinks can be themed. Not all, but a few like water bottles, cups, and doughnuts can be themed. You get printable sails that can be used as cocktail sticks. Also, stick each one on mini doughnuts to make it look like a Moana boat. Another splendid idea is to serve food on palm leaf plates for that real tropical feel. Use kakamora cups to serve juices. It is a coconut shaped cup and you can print tribal faces on them. Luau water bottles are another addition to this party theme. Decorate them with grass skirts and bracelets to complete the look.

Party Games And Return Gifts

Party for kids is never complete without games and gifts. You need to have a couple of games planned out based on the theme and venue to keep them entertained and occupied. Some of the popular party games based on Moana themes are Hula dancing, Limbo and Tiki Pinata. Hula dancing is fun. Turn on a tropical beat, get hold of the lei and get dancing to the tune. Limbo is another fun game. See who can limbo the lowest. Pinatas is always popular. You can use pinatas as party decoration as well. When it is time, just fill it with candies and let the kids take turns to smash it.

Return gifts are an excellent way of thanking the guests. Make Moana themed party bags and fill it with treats. This is a perfect way to end the party. You can have printable gift tags with hessian favour bags. Run your imagination wild with themes and make a wonderful party with a lot of fun, frolic, games and activities.

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