Fun And Amazing Kid Activities

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September 5, 2020
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Fun And Amazing Kid Activities

Fun Crafts For Kids

Kid Activities To Keep Them Engaged

It is not an easy job to keep the kids engaged and active. The kids will easily be lured to television, games and smart devices that can make them lethargic. Creativity can be a big draw for kids. Creative crafts can easily rekindle their brain and get them thinking in a positive way. There are so many kinds of craft works that can be taught to kids or get them to do it along with you. It is one of the best hobbies you can inculcate in them as it develops creativity at a very young age. 

DIY crafts and other kid activities can be introduced to kids at a very young age. If they can hold a pen or pencil to draw or a scissors to make a proper cut then that is the right age to get them started on different crafting ideas. Apart from the crafting tools, there is nothing much on which you have to spend. There are a whole lot of stuffs available around your home that can be recycled to create excellent crafts for kids. You need to identify such items and save them. Like for example, egg cartons. You can transform the egg cartons into umpteen number of things that can teach the kids some important lessons about creativity, recycling and improving their fine motor skills. Let us take a look at some of the creative transformations of egg cartons.

DIY Crafts For Kids.DIY Crafts For Kids

Ask the kids if they can transform the egg cartons into building blocks. I am sure they will come up with a myriad of ways. Building blocks are something kids will be excited to make. You can make 5 building blocks out of 2 egg cartons. Collect two egg cartons, five colors of tempera paint, paintbrushes, glue gun, scissors, water, 5 small containers, and scrap paper. To get 5 building blocks, you need to cut one egg carton into half and the other into three equal pieces. Glue the lids together. Add about 2 tablespoons of each paint in the containers and thin it with water. Paint each block in different colors and get them dried. Once ready, you can play by arranging and balancing them in different ways. 

You can make a musical instrument out of egg cartons. Surprised! Musical shakers can be made from one egg carton and rice. To make musical shakers, you need to separate the top half of the egg carton. Cut out each individual egg cup from the bottom half. Paint each cup with a desired solid color and let it dry. Place some dried rice in a cup and glue the top with another cup. Repeat this for all other cups. Let it dry and you have your musical shakers ready.

More Crafting Ideas

Plant pots is another clever idea to get the kids creative and closer to nature.  With 1 egg carton of four egg cups, you can make 8 plant pots. Separate each cup from the carton and trim the edges. Fill each cup with scoops of potting soil. Place a few seeds in each pot. Label each pot with the name of the plant. Place the pots indoors near the sunny window. Water and nurture them appropriately. When the plants grow, you can transfer them to bigger pots or in the garden. You don’t have to remove them from the egg cup, as it will easily decompose. 

You can create beautiful floral wreaths to hang on the front door with egg cartons. Take 2 egg cartons and separate the two halves and cut out the egg cups.  Trim and smooth the edges. Paint each cup with preferred colors and let it dry. Cut the inner circle of a paper plate, paint the outer rim and let it dry. Cut each cup in a floral, petal design and glue them to the outer rim. Your floral wreath is ready.

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