A list of Indoor party ideas

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A list of Indoor party ideas

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Best indoor party ideas that can make your birthday parties fun

The very idea of throwing a party is to entertain your guests and to have fun, and games undoubtedly guarantee unlimited fun to the parties no matter what. Birthday parties for kids require meticulous planning that includes a lot of games because kids love having fun. While various birthday halls and event planners can help you with the party planning and entertainment, the fun factor takes a back seat when you conduct birthday parties for kids at home. Here is a list of five party games for kids that can make your little tots and group squeal with joy.

Simple indoor kids party game

Glow Wars

As the name suggests, the game is a unique party game for kids that involves a lot of glow lights and glow wearable for the kids. Since the game is conducted in a dark room, prepare the party hall with tons of glow lights and arrange for dozens of glow necklaces and blasters. 

This fantastic party game is full of life and can be made even more exhilarating if accompanied by lots of music and laughter.

Relay races

Relay races are fantastic team-building fun activities for kids that use multiple traditional competitions such as egg and spoon races, three-legged races and crab walks. The kids are organized into various teams and are prepared for the race. The team that reaches the finishing line is the winner.

Laser Tag

Laser blast or Laser Tag are fun filling kids party games that involve loads of laser light shooting. Make your indoor fun activities for kids even more thrilling with this fantastic game. All that the game requires is a set of laser guns handed over to every participant. The party room has to be dimmed with glow lights, and kids will tag each other with their laser guns. If you can arrange for an inflatable arena for the whole activity, then the game is sure to be more entertaining.

Tug of war

A party is incomplete without an exciting tug of war competition. Divide the kids into teams and hand them a rope with both the team holding onto each end. The game begins when the host starts off the whistle. The team that pulls the other team to their side is declared the winner.

A few more fun-filled games

Little Girls Rehearsing Dance For A Birthday Party.

Freeze dance

Freeze dance is an amazing alternative to the regular musical chair game. One of the best party games for kids, this game requires a party hall equipped with woofer sound systems. The kids dance while the music is played, and freeze once the music is stopped.

Hit it higher

Hit it higher is an entertaining game for kids that involves hitting the balloon higher without letting it touch the ground. The significant fun factor of this game is the use of a single balloon that has to be kept in air. The games usually end with kids dropping the attempt in exhaustion. The game is suitable for indoor parties where balloons would not go higher.

Though the Indoor parties can be fun with traditional party games such as hide and seek, tag It, or musical chairs, the use of glowing lights or laser toys can add to the fun quotient in the party. Above all, to bring in more fun to the party, fill in with loads of happiness and laughter into the party.

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