Organizing Traditional Party Games For Kids

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Organizing Party Games For Kids
August 30, 2020
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Fun And Amazing Kid Activities
September 8, 2020

Organizing Traditional Party Games For Kids

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Fun Birthday Party For Kids

Birthday parties for kids are never complete without fun activities for kids. Some of the best kids party games are mostly simple and easily organized. You can organize the party anywhere, be it at home or at the office, it is essential that you keep the kids occupied and energized. Else, they are bound to nag their parents. Fun and entertainment should always be a part of parties especially for kids and nothing can beat well thought out party games. Traditional party games for kids are a tried and tested set of games that is popularly organized for birthday parties. It is simple and can be organized anywhere if you have little space to spare.

Traditional Fun Activities For Kids

Let us take a look at some of the popular traditional party games for kids. Musical Chair is an ever popular game that is organized in most parties for kids and adults. It is a simple and fun game that requires a few chairs and peppy party music. The number of chairs should be one less than the number of kids. Like for example, if you have 15 kids you should organize for 14 chairs. When the music plays, the kids will have to walk around the chairs. As the music stops, the kids will have to occupy a chair. The kid who does not get a chair is out of the game. For the next game, you need to remove a chair. The kid who remains in the game till the end is the winner.

Coin Toss is a simple and easy to organize game which requires a few buckets and some coins. Label the buckets with different values. If you have four buckets, label them as “10”, “20”, “30” and “40”. Let the kids take turns and toss the coins inside the bucket. The kids will earn the points listed on the bucket. The kid that has the maximum points is the winner. 

Traditional Kids Party Games

Simon Says is another traditional party game for kids. The objective of the game is to do whatever Simon says and not to do whatever Simon does not say. You need an adult member to be Simon, most preferably a parent. The parent must say like, ‘Simon says, touch your nose’ and the kids should touch their nose. The parents can be tricky and just say, ‘Touch your nose’, then this was not said by Simon and kids should not do as instructed. The kid who does not follow the rule is out of the game. 

Pinata is an interesting game where you need a pinata, a candy, bat and a blindfold. Fill the pinata with candies. Allow each kid to hit the pinata with a bat. The kid who breaks the pinata is the winner. Kids can then collect as much as candies possible. Limbo is a simple party game. You just need a long stick to play the game. The goal is to walk under the stick bending backwards without touching the stick or falling over. 

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