Tips to organize a fun-filled healthy party

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Tips to organize a fun-filled healthy party

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How to organize an amazingly healthy birthday party?

Kids adore celebrations and entertainment. And if that were a birthday party, it would be the best and most memorable celebration for them. No wonder why, parents spend months together to plan parties from arranging the choosiest of party venues to the best birthday dress for their tiny tot’s special day. However, the celebrations and laborious preparations may go all wrong because of unhealthy party food choices. Many times parents fail to identify the importance of organizing a healthy party in the name of grandeur. Remember, no pizzas or photo impressed cakes are doing in any good for the kids other than worsening their precious health. Here is a holistic take on organizing birthday parties’ for kids that might be equally entertaining as well as healthy.

Ways to organize a healthy birthday party

Party foods for kids require unrequited attention as parties celebrate junk foods in the name of traditions or normalcy. It is high time that the parents find an alternative to the junks taken in as part of the celebration and turn to other factors that makes the party fun and healthy. It is noted that most of your party health woes are related to the wrong food choices and wrong timings. Find out how altering these two factors can sort most of your worries.

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Most parents are apprehensive of the platters they lay out for their kid’s birthdays. Probably this is what holds most of the host from serving a healthy plate. It is true that sugary beverages and oily chips can be the crowd puller, but the damage it can cause to their health is unimaginable. Time has come to change many apprehensions as the health of kids should be your top priority. Follow some simple tips on how to jazz up your health palate and make appealing party foods for kids.

Include more fruits and veggies

Although the sight of fruits and vegetables can turn down most of the young kids, there are ways to jazz up these foods and make it presentable. Cutting the fruits to exciting shapes using a cookie cutter, or making a rainbow platter are some ways to make your dull plate of fruits & veggies to complete delight. Accompaniments like dips or hummus can also add to the fun factors.

Decorative bottles and cups

Filling up fresh juices and healthy snacks to a decorated palette are other methods that can attract kids to healthy snacking. Encourage the birthday kid to contribute his time for decorating the bowls or glasses as well.

Time your party appropriately

Often parents tend to organize birthday parties hindering the regular meal times of the kids. That is, if you are going to host birthday parties at early afternoons, a dense snack like pizza should be a big no.

Things you can serve

Mini sandwiches

Limiting the sweet servings to smaller amounts and giving the turkey or cheese sandwiches fun shapes with cookie cutters are fantastic ideas of luring kids to healthy snacking. Making miniature versions of peanut butter or jelly can also be quite a calling.

Crackers and cheese

Cheese and crackers are sure shot attractions for the tiny tots. Arrange these edibles in fun containers like fish bowls or other fancy bowls that go with your party theme.

Keep in mind these simple tips and make your kid’s special day healthy and fun.

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