Fun DIY Olympic Crafts For Kids

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Fun DIY Olympic Crafts For Kids

DIY Crafts Representing Olymbic Games.

Fun DIY Olympic Crafts For Kids

The Olympics is a huge global event where people get a chance to witness different sports performances of various countries. It is a great feeling to watch several nations coming together on a common platform. Adults and kids enjoy watching the grand opening ceremony of this sports event. Your kids would love to do some DIY crafts as the upcoming Olympic games are scheduled on the 23rd of July, 2021. Olympic theme crafts can be done as a part of your family activities to engage kids. The following lists some of the easy DIY Olympic theme crafts for kids and unique Olympic theme kids activities. 

DIY Olympic Theme Craft Ideas

Olympic Torches:

The following are the things required to make a DIY opening ceremony Olympic torch

  •   Cardstock
  •   Flashlight
  •   Tissue papers
  •   Scissors
  •   Tape
  •   Pencil and Ruler

Instructions: Use cardstock to cover the handle and head of the flashlight. Cut a buttonhole in the paper. Make use of coloured tissue papers to cut flames of heights different heights. Use the tape to stick the tissue paper flames over the cardstock. Stick the cardstock with the flames on the head of the flashlight. 

Olympic Medals: Medals are offered to winners of the Olympic games. DIY  Olympic medals can be easily made with simple craft accessories. You may require jar lids, glitters, coloured ribbons, foam brush, glue and scissors to make an Olympic medal.

Instructions: Coat the jar lid with coloured glitters. Stick numbers to the glitter-coated jar lids. Connect a ribbon on the two ends of the jar lid like a chain.

Olympic Rings: Olympic rings are five rings interconnected to one another, which represents the five continents that take part in the Olympic games. To make the Olympic rings, you would need coloured crepe papers, a hot glue gun and a craft ring.

Instructions: Firstly wrap each of the rings with crepe papers of colours red, black, green, blue and yellow respectively. Overlap each of the rings. Secure it using a hot-glue. 

DIY Olympic Theme Kids Activities 

Luge: It is a popular Olympic sport that can be mimicked using simple DIY craft ideas. This kid activity can keep your kids engaged. To make a Luge, you may need toy cars, beads, toothpicks with flags, duct tape, and a glue gun.

Instructions: First, the track for the luge can be made with separate pieces of corner moulding. Use white duct tape to join each piece. Paste the country flags on the top of the toothpicks. Insert the flagged toothpicks on the back of the toy car using a hot glue gun.

Balloon Hockey: This is a fun activity for kids. Paint, brush, paper tubes, scissors, knife, duct tape, cardboard, balloons and boxes are required to carry out this activity.

Instructions: Use scrape cardboard to cut a hockey stick blade. Use craft paint to colour the wrapping paper tubes. Make slits on the ends of the wrapping paper tube. Insert the hockey stick blade into it. Now use duct tape to secure it. Place two such boxes on the rooms. Challenge your kids with this exciting game.

Lego Ring Sorting: Lots of activities can be done using Lego. Olympic rings can be used for sorting colours. Draw five circles and colour them with green, yellow, red, black and blue. Trace the ring using the Lego blocks based on its colour. 

Other Olympic Theme Craft Ideas

  •   DIY Olympic eyeglasses
  •   Olympic Crown
  •   Olympic paper chain countdown
  •   Olympic paper wreath.

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