Tips to convert your kid’s artwork into gifts!

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Tips to convert your kid’s artwork into gifts!

Kid's Artwork of Raindeer Hiding Between Beautiful Flowers & Birds.

Why should you transform your kid’s art into gifts?

If you are thinking of giving your parents or close family members, it is always best to see what your kids have created. Their arts and crafts talent serves best for creating a perfect gift. Kids are creative and imaginative. Sometimes, kid activities impress and make you feel how they did this. When you look at their school projects, you can easily determine their level of creativeness.

Be it customizing a mug or pillow with a drawing of grandparents, a self-portrait, nature portraits, your little one’s creativity, and imagination is special. If you are thinking about giving a personalized gift, you should start looking for the original artwork of your kids. Surely, you will get a lot of ideas and when it is presented to friends, teachers, and relatives, they will love it.

Ways to convert your kid’s artwork into special gifts!

Candleholder: The creativity of kids will light up and brighten the room. This is one of the best crafts for kids.  You can help your kid to do this craft and present it to teachers, uncles, or aunts.  Take or scan a high-resolution picture that has horizontal artwork. Print it on plain vellum paper of 8 ½ x 11 inches. Measure and cut in such a way that when you wrap around a cylindrical glass vase, it should fit exactly. Use double-sided tape to adhere to the extra or overlapping edges. Slowly trim and remove the extra paper. Take a battery operated tea light and gently fix it inside the vase.

Family card: If your child has done a beautiful artwork, you can use it as a card to wish or thank your friends or relatives. Transform the artwork into a large card. You can also take a picture of the artwork, upload online to a blank card, and customize it with words and greetings you wish to share. Surely, it is one of the best giftings and crafting ideas you should consider.

Iron on pouch: It is a practical and perfect gift for friends. You can try adding several images in a single pouch. If needed, you can cut specific images from several drawings. Picture your kid’s artwork. It should be reduced appropriately to the size of the pouch. Print using iron-on transfer paper. Iron the image and peel the back. You can also include this activity in your DIY crafts time. You can try doing the same technique on plain tote bags.

Tips to photograph your kid’s artwork

It is simple to photograph the artwork of your kids. Most parents think that it is complicated and requires certain professionalism. You do not have to be a professional photographer to picture their artwork. Just a bit of creativity and imagination would do magic! Select a location in your home where there is sufficient natural light. It is the place where you will be doing the photoshoot.

Decide whether you want solid or white color as the background. For most of the kid’s artwork, the white poster board works perfectly. Select some of their best crafts. After placing the artwork exactly in the middle of the white background, you have to picture from above. For this, stand using a stool and take photos. When you photograph directly from above, you can easily get the best angle. Ensure your shadow or body is not seen in the frame.

It is recommended to keep the camera flash off as you are picturing in natural lighting. You can use either a phone camera or a DSLR camera. Know the purpose before picturing.

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