Stunning Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

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Stunning Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Butterfly Themed Party Decorations For Birthday.

Birthdays are perfect occasions for kids to enjoy with their family and friends. This can be made even more special by choosing unique and cute party themes. Party decorations make your kids feel happy and make the birthday celebration an ultimate fun. Birthday parties for kids can be made attractive and beautiful with unique butterfly birthday party ideas. Sparkling butterfly party supplies are available in the market, which makes the party for kids colourful and attractive. The following are some of the butterfly themed birthday party ideas that you can try out.

Butterfly Birthday Party Decorations

Both indoor and outdoor parties work well for a butterfly birthday party. Go for specific butterfly birthday party decors that suit the location either outdoor or indoor.

Outdoor: DIY butterfly garlands can be hanged on plants when planning for an outdoor birthday party for kids. This can be made with coloured tissue papers that are strung together with a ribbon.

Indoor: Butterfly birthday parting setting must be great when you’re planning your kid’s birthday inside a party hall or in your home. Decide on the essentials like paper cups, plates, napkins, tablecloths and decor items must be colourful so that it matches with butterfly colours. Decorating your party hall with fresh flowers gives a perfect blend of nature to your butterfly birthday party. 

Ideas For Butterfly Themed-Party Food

Birthday parties are incomplete without tasty food, delicious cakes, sugary cookies and other party snacks. A butterfly themed cake would look great and spice up the celebration. You can also try making beautiful butterfly cake pops that attract kids. Cupcakes can be topped with butterfly-shaped chocolate frostings. Yummy butterfly-shaped sugar cookies would be a perfect kid-friendly party food. 

Butterfly Birthday Fun Games

Dining Table Decorations For Birthday Party.

Birthday parties can be made fun-filled by playing some exciting party games.

Butterfly Pinata: This is a perfect hit in most butterfly birthday parties. A pinata is filled with sweets, and guests can break it open using a string.

Butterfly Hunt: This is a pretty exciting game for kids to keep them engaged during a birthday party. Paper butterflies are hidden inside the party hall or in the garden. Participants are asked to pretend like butterfly catchers. Offer them with a net to catch the hidden paper butterflies. Kids must try to catch most of the butterflies.

Butterfly Face Painting: This is a colourful birthday activity where your kids are allowed to paint face butterfly designs.

Balloon Butterflies: A professional balloon artist can be hired to make colourful balloon butterflies.

Butterfly Themed Party Dress Ideas

Make cute butterfly wings and offer it to your guests. Dress up the birthday girl with a colourful butterfly costume with wings and a wand. DIY butterfly hats are simple, and it can be offered to your cute little kids during the birthday party. These dress ideas would make your kids flutter like a butterfly at the birthday party.

Butterfly Birthday Party Return Gift Ideas

The following are some DIY butterfly birthday party favor ideas that can make kids happy. These are cheap and simple return gift ideas to impress kids at your birthday party. You can offer kids with potted plants of marigolds, zinnias and others that attract butterflies.

You can give kids butterfly wings along with straps that can be used at home. Gift copies of Eric Charlies Very Hungry Caterpillar so that kids understand the lifecycle of a butterfly.

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