Simple Crafts for Kids

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Simple Crafts for Kids

Paper Crafts For Halloween Party Celebrations.

Simple and interesting craft ideas for kids 

If you are looking to teach simple and fast, DIY crafts for kids, here are some of the top options. These are some of the best crafts where your kids can do when they feel bored. You can let them do these tasks on holidays, on weekends or after school.

The best part is you would require things that are easily available at home. You do not have to purchase anything special to do these crafts. Let us check out some exciting kid activities in this blog.

Simple 10-minutes paper crafts for kids 

  1.       Simple May Day Basket: It is simple to these paper baskets. It is one of the perfect crafting ideas, where they can do for spring or any day. To do this craft, you would require doily, paper, and some string. The kids can select their favorite color to do this craft. After doing the paper baskets, they can use it for filling winter candy canes or spring-summer. It can be used for other purposes as per your creativity.
  2.       Paper pinwheel: It almost looks like the original fidget spinners. It is an excellent STEM activity for kids and timeless craft. Adults can also do this task as part of baby shower decoration.
  3.       Origami finger puppets: It is amazingly quick, super fun, and offers a lot of fun after decoration. Surely, your kids will enjoy making their puppies and kitties around the house or for long car rides.
  4.       Hungry caterpillar craft: Do your kids like ‘The very hungry caterpillar’? Well, if your answer is yes, then they would love to do this craft. It is made using glue, scissors, paper, and googly eyes.

Innovative and simple crafts for kids 

Paper Halloween Crafts For Celebration.

  1.       Oil pastel and watercolor tape resist art: It is one of the famous arts and crafts for kids. The output looks cool and almost like magic to little ones. You can make this craft in quick time. It does not take a long time to set up this craft. To do this craft, you have to lay the paper as you wish. It can also be abstract. After laying, start painting.
  2.       Painting with trains: Do you have an old unused train set in your house? If you do not mind getting dirty, it is a super-fast and fun art and craft to do.  It is almost like finger painting but with less mess. It offers the same kind of perceptible learning experience.
  3.       Milk jug watering container: If you have unused empty milk jugs, then you can easily convert them into eco-friendly and cute watering cans.  To convert, you have to poke a hole in the container’s cap. If possible, you can also decorate it by painting. Thus, your unique watering container is ready for gardening.
  4.       Glitter gum counting sticks: If your kids are learning to count, it is best to motivate them by glitter gum counting sticks. It will not take more than 10 minutes to do this counting sticks.

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