How To Celebrate Your Birthday In This Pandemic?

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Host An Awesome Birthday Party For Your Kids.
July 12, 2020
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July 20, 2020

How To Celebrate Your Birthday In This Pandemic?

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Covid-19: The Party Pooper

Birthday parties have become quite interesting in spite of all the challenges thrown at us by the Coronavirus. People are leaving surprise cakes on doorsteps. Some are making cakes out of fruits or vegetables because resources are limited. Children are wishing by shouting from balconies or terraces.

The Coronavirus is a party pooper and is testing the indomitable human spirit. And when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Lockdowns and quarantines are giving rise to new birthday party trends.

The pandemic has unleashed some of the most creative ideas to celebrate a birthday. Of course, there are numerous restrictions and limited resources. The outdoors are out of bounds. But hey! Where there is a will, there is a way!!

Here’s what you can do to spruce up your special day and make beautiful memories on a lockdown birthday!

Invite Everyone To A Virtual Party!

Thank God we have technology to help us out in these dire times! Birthday parties for kids are being held online and they are a rage! The best thing about an online birthday party is that you can invite everyone you want to from any part of the world! How exciting is that!?

How can you pull off an online birthday party without a hitch? 

  • Create a guest list and check if everyone has a good internet connection and a device to view the party celebrations.
  • Send reminders of the date and time. It is important to choose a time that will suit those who live abroad.
  • Go for a particular dress code and party theme to make it exciting for the attendees.
  • Choose lively music or a YouTube video that children can simultaneously see and dance to.
  • Organize a virtual movie night for the children to watch after the party.
  • Ask each person to personally record a nice message for the birthday child and compile it into a video. Play it online for everyone to see and hear.
  • If it is a party for kids, organize simple, uncomplicated games that will involve everyone.

Ideas For A Safe Celebration

Decorations:  Whether it is an online party or just a party with the family members, do not give up on the party decorations. Use angel lights, string up pennants, hang balloons or streamers and make the place as lively as you can.

Cake or Gift Distribution: This is an ideal solution to make all the children of an apartment or neighbourhood happy. You can leave return gifts, cakes or desserts that are safely packed right outside the doors of the homes of children who are on the guest list.

Unique birthday wishes: Visitors and neighbours could leave wishes chalked on the pavement, birthday cards, flowers and gifts right at the doorstep. If it is permitted, children can engage in a car parade where the birthday child’s friends are chauffeured down the neighbourhood in their own cars, shouting out wishes.

You can come up with your own quirky birthday celebration ideas that maintain all safety standards. Make your quarantine birthday special and different!

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