Five DIY crafting ideas for kids

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Five DIY crafting ideas for kids

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Manage your quarantine blues with awesome DIY craft ideas

While quarantining and social distancing might be making your days dull and uneventful, the situations are equally taking a toll on your kid’s mental well-being also. It is essential to understand that children who are devoid of active physical exhaustion and social life would gradually become lethargic and less motivated. Even though it is a struggle to balance home and work at the same time, parents must make it a point to give their children the due attention and help them engage in worthy activities. Involving the kids in creative activities is not only a motivating gesture for them but also a great mood stimulator for adults as well. Watch out for such awesome and stimulating crafting ideas that can make your isolation days well spent.

Remarkable crafty ways to make your kid’s life fun

Since quarantining days would hardly allow you to move out and purchase crafts for kids, here is a compilation of kid activities that utilizes materials readily available at your home. You can make use of used milk cartons, paper towel rolls or even slimes found at homes and create stunning DIY crafts for your kids. Following are five such crafting ideas that are a must go through.

Top five crafting ideas

A DIY museum

Kids have remarkable talents for creating things out of anything. Be it clay moulding or a painting, encourage your child to curate their creativity at home. You can contribute to your child’s museum- building efforts by creating a diorama that includes photos placed on the walls or create a sculpture out of trinkets. Please help your child label every art piece by themselves. Also, motivate them to arrange artefacts in a pattern like organizing the shell collections by size or colours. This activity is an excellent method to encourage discipline and creativity amongst the kids.

Paper Mache bowl

Teach your child to create some impressive coloured bowls using newspapers. All you need for this DIY craft is a newspaper, little flour, aluminium foil, water and paints. Strip the paper into 1inch size and dip those into water-flour mixture. These strips are then carefully pasted over a bowl, which is taken as a mould, covered by aluminium foil. The pasted newspaper is then left for drying. The dried paper bowl is painted with the choicest of colours and is ready for display.

Educational building blocks

Time for more educationally motivating crafts for kids. Building blocks are great toys for preschoolers. Add a little educational perspective to the building blocks. All you need for this literacy boosting fun game are building blocks, a paper, and a marker—Mark the larger piece with words and the smaller pieces with letters. Encourage the tiny tots to arrange the spelling of every word through this game.

Compost starter

Yet another educational crafting idea for kids, compost starters is an exceptional activity that can boost the love for nature amongst the tiny tots. This activity requires a one-gallon container, soil, and food scraps. Composting concept can teach the kids on how to reduce the waste and produce fertile grounds for their little terrace garden.

Paper plate crafts

Make use of your leftover stacks of paper plates, to create some awesome crafts. Popsicle sticks, paints, sunflower seeds and paper plates are the only materials required for this exciting DIY craft. Ask your kid to draw a flower on the paper plate and to colour it. Paint the Popsicle stick green, and paste it on the paper flower. Glue the sunflower seeds to the centre of the flower and the project is done.

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