Craft ideas for kids with Cricuts

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June 30, 2020
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Craft ideas for kids with Cricuts

Various Cricut Craft Projects For Kids Fun Activities.

Amazing Cricut craft ideas for kids

The pandemic scare and lockdown effects are making kids inordinately inactive and exhausted. And if you are a millennial parent who is juggling between job and household work, the ‘new normal’ must be equally daunting. For all those parents who are burdened by the very thought of not being there for their kids because of their hectic schedules, here is a list of amazing crafting ideas that can stimulate the much-needed bonding. The activities mentioned in the article make use of kid-friendly Cricut to carve out some fantastic pieces of craft. So if you are prepared to give your child a creative workout at home,  get ready with the stock of cardstocks, pens, glue and of course, the Cricut.

Six fantastic Cricut crafting ideas for kids 

Cricut is a cutting machine that cuts every possible image with utmost precision and perfection. This device eliminates the need for tedious tracings, mishandlings of cutters or adult supervision, if the user is a kid. Cricut makes it possible to create umpteen designs that can be reflected on surfaces ranging from papers to pillows with amazing ease. The tools are also extremely safe for kids and make the kid activities creative and entertaining. The Cricut is also well supported by a program that contains a fantastic collection of images, fonts and many readymade designs. Here is a list of six exceptional DIY crafts that can make your kid’s days at home creative and well-spent.

Fun family calendar

Embellishing your family calendar with customized week labels and calendar pieces would be a fun activity for kids. Make your kids create fun labels with cardstock and stick it onto the family calendar. These crafts for kids would require a few cardstocks in white and glitter black, machine mat of 12” x 12” size, glue pen, calendar, Washi tape, and a home printer.

Utilize the design space of your Cricut program to cut images from cardstock. The dimensions can be customized according to the canvas size, and images can be resized using features in the application. Ensure that the settings are appropriately set, and the output embellishments adequately adhere to the calendar with the glue pen.

DIY Projects By Using Cricut Machine.DIY necklace

Little kids love funky jewellery, and if that piece of jewellery is a DIY craft, then that would be the best gift you would be giving her. This DIY craft requires your kid’s photograph, vinyl, chain, jump rings and the Cricut. Make your kid’s silhouette on the round vinyl plates, cut by the Cricut into a pair of charms. Hang the charms with the little one’s silhouette to the chain and gift your child her personalized necklace.

Christmas calendar

While the countdown for Christmas might be too early, this fantastic craft idea can keep your child engaged all the while at home and prepare her for winter well ahead. Also awesome winter activities for kids, the Christmas calendar guarantees a full fledged entertainment as the Cricut can handle materials that range from papers to vinyl and clothes. The Christmas calendar craft requires cardstocks of various colours such as grey, gold, maroon & white, a machine mat, pen, paper adhesive and a notice board with clip.

Make use of Cricut application features to cut images in the cardstocks and assemble the cut pieces in the order that appears in the layers panel. Alter the projects as you wish, using the Customize option or utilize the edit options to make necessary changes.

Personalized monogrammed sneakers

Cricut projects are a boon to the crafters who love monogramming. Give your kid a pair of monogrammed sneakers and make her feel special. Cricut allows the craft lovers to create personalized lunch bags, sweaters, or bookends for their loved ones. However, monogrammed sneakers stand out of the lot. All you need for this fantastic craft is a Cricut, freezer paper, fabric paints and your child’s favourite sneakers. Prepare the cut-out of your child’s favourite design onto a freezer paper using the Cricut and paint the design into the sneakers.

Amazing felt Christmas trees

Winter might be a bit away, but your child can engage herself in these winter activities for kids with amazing enthusiasm. For this kid activity, arrange a set of felt for the Christmas trees and help your child to design the same using Cricut applications.

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