Kids Birthday Party Themes

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Kids Birthday Party Themes

A birthday is always considered to be a very special moment in a person’s life. However, it holds a very special significance for kids. These are the memories they carry with them all through their lives. Gifts, games, cakes, goodies, balloons and charades are what make a birthday party a splendid one. Your kid is the pride and joy of your life and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind putting in just a little more effort to give your kid the best birthday party of his life. One of the best ways to organize a bday party for your kid is to base it around a ‘theme’. The options are as limitless as are the smiles on a successful birthday party day! Let me take this opportunity to suggest some great kids birthday party themes Batman Theme Party Ideas It doesn’t matter whether your child is 5 years old or 10 years old, he would always be excited just by the name of the cape-crusader called ‘The Batman’. It would be a great idea to organize a Batman Theme birthday party as it is loved by kids the world over. Here’s what you can do for such a party. You can always carve out ‘Batman Emblems’ from a black cardstock and send them out as invitations so as to give the guests a feel for the things to come. As Batman is symbolical to Bats, it would be suitable to decorate your house with as much black color as possible.

You can hang black balloons all over the party area and can also put up posters of Batman. To make the room look even more like the ‘Batcave’ you can always hang plastic cobwebs and bats from the ceiling and in the corners of the room. You can also put up a banner at the entrance and label it as ‘Welcome to the Batcave’, this by my opinion is one of the coolest decors for the party. It is also a good idea to keep party favors such as Batman stickers, disc launchers, yo-yo, rocket balloon launchers, color glow sticks, crayons, etc. for the kids. Time to cut the cake. Without saying, a Batman theme birthday party will obviously call for a big Batman shaped scrumptious cake. Decorate the cake with a Batman toy or you can always top it up with Batman candles. Tuna Salad, Pasta, Ice Cream and Crackers would be the ideal snacks for the birthday party. You can also include your kid’s favorite punch, Gatorade and Powerade to give a boost of energy to the little crime fighters. Buzz Lightyear: “To infinity and Beyond”! Let your child be a part of Buzz Lightyear’s Star Command with a Buzz Lightyear theme birthday party. It would be a great idea to put your child’s picture next to Buzz Lightyear and send these cards as invites for the birthday party. You can always get this done at home or you can go to the nearest copy center. You can modify the invite details by adding phrases like “Space Launch Date: (your party date) Sector: (your address) Time: (time of the party) RSVP to Star Command Control Center (you phone number). To Infinity and Beyond!”

This would make the invite much more appealing and also a lot on the theme side. As per Buzz’s color palettes, you should use lime green, orange, purple and turquoise color balloons to decorate the party area. Same as the with the Batman Theme, even with this one you can always put up a banner stating, ‘Welcome to Star Command Control Center.’ It would look lovely if you can use Buzz Lightyear birthday party theme table cloth and put out some Buzz Lightyear toys as centerpieces to give a more exciting look to the party. Kids would love to watch a video or the Buzz Lightyear movie. So, you can always let the kids watch a couple of Buzz Lightyear videos and this will also give you some relief from the constant running around. Get a big Buzz Lightyear cake and top it up with Buzz Lightyear cake toppers. Next you can always add extra whipped cream, sprinkle the cake with chocolate flakes. Pizzas would be ideal for kids birthday parties. However, you should order various flavors of it like pepperoni, extra cheese, Mexican, Hawaiian etc. While you’ll be busy organizing the party, I’m sure it will be quite a challenge to complete all the formalities in time. Especially, when it comes to sending out invitations. You would surely be looking for attractive and unique birthday invitations for the event. So, here are a few websites that can easily help you with some of the best birthday invitations, making it a breeze for you to select the invites. Enjoy the party!

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