An Event Planner’s Guide to the Perfect Venue

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An Event Planner’s Guide to the Perfect Venue

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Finding that perfect venue for the event that you are organizing can quickly turn into a nightmare. You do not want to spend time travelling to every event venue in the city to find the right one for you! Here is a fool-proof six-step guide to find the event venue of your vision.

Set of RSVP Cards on the table for the wedding guests.Step 1 – The Head Count
Even before you get started on your venue shortlist, do the math and determine the number of guests expected to attend the event. Send out RSVPs with the invites to get the number if required. Then it is just a matter of shortlisting venues that can comfortably accommodate the estimated guest count.

Step 2 – Target Audience
Understand the demographics of the expected audience. Pick venues based on what your audience is used to and what will reflect best their tastes and requirements. The scale of sophistication required for an art workshop is different from that of a CEO convention.

Step 3 – Make Life Easy For Guests
The convenience of the attendees is a crucial factor for choosing the event venue. If most of your delegates are from the city, select a place that is easily accessible to them. On the other hand, if they are going to be from out of town, you may want to go with a venue that is close to the airport or railway station. If you cannot find such a site, make sure you have a transportation plan as well.

Step 4 – Money Matters
Work out how much budget at your disposal and select only venues that fall within your limit. Ask the right questions to make sure there are no hidden costs in the quoted rent. Are taxes included? Are there any additional charges besides the per head fee? Are beverages included on the price? Be very clear on what will be and what will not be covered in the cost. Negotiate on the charges if required but not too much.

Step 5 – Background Check
Find out as much information about the venue as possible from other people who have used it before. You can get excellent pointers on possible layouts for the event and the decor to use. Keep an eye out for any issues they faced orA Fabulous Front view of a Wedding venue with the bright lightings. some details that they needed to take extra care of. Speak to the staff too, to determine the level of expertise and experience they bring to the table.

Step 6 – Other Considerations
Check the venue for amenities such as the AV system, staging, lighting, seating as required by your event. If you are using the in-house catering at the venue, discuss and finalize the menu ahead of time.
Car parking is another critical factor as it can become a big hassle for the guests. You can check out venues such as Chennai Convention Centre, which has ample parking space and valet parking too if required. For high profile events, take into consideration the security at the venue as well.
With these steps in place, you cannot go wrong in finding the right venue for your event. Happy Hunting!

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  1. Adhitya says:

    I did not know that there is so much work involved before finalizing a party venue. It is really an informative article. I thought most people would consider the budget and date of function. But there are several things apart from these two factors.

  2. Lenin says:

    As an event organizer, I would suggest to take opinions from previous customers. They would know both the plus and minus points of the venue. It is best to finalize a venue after checking with your clients. You can get an idea and take further decisions.

  3. Bhuvi says:

    Event planners will have a challenging time when it comes to finalizing the venue. They should think on various angles and at the same time, they should ensure to satisfy their client. But as they get experienced, they would start to give options for the client.

  4. Rachit says:

    The venue should be located in a spot that is easy to access. If it is a new location or a location that is not much known, the organizer should provide Google Maps location guide or nearby bus routes. It is hard to find the venue with just the address.

  5. Darshit says:

    It is also necessary to check whether any events are taking place on the same day you have planned. If it is a weekend or festival day, it is hard to expect visitors to your event. It is better to finalize the date and venue after discussing with your family members.

  6. Azha says:

    The event venue would help you in accomplishing the result you require. If you want to increase exposure to your business, you need to choose a venue that has an excellent welcome area. It should be able to accommodate a sponsor booth.

  7. Aharnish says:

    It is best to use latest technologies like event planning software. It helps in organizing events and helps in obtaining data about the event management. You would get an idea what is achievable and what is not achievable. You can choose the venue according to the data results.

  8. Damodar says:

    Interior design plan is important after finalizing the venue. You can research on the Pinterest and get various ideas. There are hundreds and thousands of inspirational and attractive interior design ideas. You have to select designs that are suitable for your venue and function.

  9. Muthu says:

    It is a well written blog. I was able to take some important points and use it for my event. I would definitely share this blog with my colleagues. This guide is useful for both event planners and as well as for people interesting in conducting an event.

  10. Valli says:

    No matter, you are planning for a meetup, tradeshow or conference, you have to set a goal in your mind. You should know what the event is about. How the event can help the attendees? How to offer networking opportunities?

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