Latest Trending Fun Activities for Your Kids

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March 2, 2018
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Latest Trending Fun Activities for Your Kids

Children love to explore new things. They wish to try and experiment things of their own. Parents can encourage their kids when they involve in certain activities as it would help them to improve their brain power and cognitive skills. The reasoning power of your kids can be greatly improved when they are allowed to try out certain interesting and fun activities in their house. Kid activities that are trending in the recent years can be known by reading various online blogs available on the Internet.

The article below lists some of the interesting trending activities that you can engage your child. The following activities would help them to improve their creativity and cognitive skills.

Create Your Town

This is a simple activity which helps to improve the creativity of your kid. You need a giant cardboard box and just draw a city on it. Now you can ask your kid to make it look like a city by placing some vehicles, trees, plants, buildings, shops, etc. You can know the imaginative and visualizing capacity of your child when they perform the above activity.

Elephant Paste

This is a perfect fun activity that would be enjoyed by smaller kids. Parents should help them out in this activity. Mix yeast with water and pour it in a bottle. Now add up peroxide to the yeast mixture. You can also add some food colors or even glitters. Add some soap water into the bottle. Now add more yeast with the help of a funnel. As a result of the chemical reaction that takes place due to the ingredients added your kids would be excited to watch huge foam coming out of the bottle. It is completely safe for kids to play with this foam.

Play Treasure Hunt

You can hide certain stuff in your house at various places. You can ask your kids to hunt them with some clues. This is a good activity to keep them engaged for some hours.

Cleaning Their Room

You can involve your kids in cleaning their room. You can help them out to arrange their toys, dresses, footwear, books, etc. Educate them the importance of organizing things. This activity gives a feeling of responsibility for kids.



This is the latest trending activity you can involve your kids. You can engage them in mixing the ingredients required for baking a cake or cookies. This makes them know basic of baking.

Play Card Games

There are several card games available on the market based on the age of your kids. Card games help to improve your reasoning and concentration power. It also helps to understand the power of teamwork.


This is the popular activity done by kids all over the world. Children of all ages enjoy coloring with crayons, watercolors, acrylic paints, etc. It improves their creativity skills.

Rainbow Foam

Preparing foam is simple and absolute fun. It requires some simple ingredients like cornstarch and shaving cream. Just add up some food colors to make the foam interesting. Children would love to play with the foam.

The above are the several trending activities that children would love to engage during their holidays.

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