Tips To Start A Kids Activity Centre

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March 4, 2018
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March 26, 2018

Tips To Start A Kids Activity Centre

Engage Kids In Fun Activities

Kids these days are getting too attached to smartphones and other electronic devices. Hence they are missing out on making a lot of wonderful memories during their childhood. You can help them recapture the fun by introducing them to the concept of different kids clubs. If you are interested in starting a kids club of your own, here are few steps to help you get on track:

  • Pick A Niche
    A club for kids is often started with a particular niche in mind. This way, kids who become members of the club get to indulge and participate in different activities related to that particular niche. Some differentclub ideas include Kids’ folk art club, Kids’ robot club, Kids’ programming club, Kids’ art club, Kids’ nature club, Kids’ photography club and so on. Once you have picked out a theme or a niche, it is easier to create programs, activities and workshops based on it for the club members to participate in. Don’t forget to have some time kept aside for free play so that the children can also try to discover their own talent through free play.

  • Come Up With A Centre Name and Logo
    The next step involves coming up with a club name and logo that will be used to identify the club and its members forthwith. This particular step is very important as it helps the members bond over a common goal. You can either pick out a short name or create an acronym of letters in case the name is too big. Picking out a logo is also easy these days with plenty of royalty free images available online.
  • Decide About The Funding
    Every club needs some sort of funding to move forward. You need to decide how your club is to be funded as well as the items that the club money will be spent on, like club t-shirts, art materials, computers for programming, music instruments and so on. You can encourage kids to raise money for the club by holding a bake sale, offering car wash and so on. This encourages the kids to have a better bond with the club, rather than one more thing that their parents forced them to do.

  • Equip The Centre
    Every successful ‘s club has started small. About six to eight members is a good number for any club to start out with. This way you can work out the kinks first and get the club running smoothly before adding new members to the club. Make sure that the club house is ready for the new club members. Mr. Sandy, An Senior Engineer working with Nantech, leading UPS manufacturers in Chennai says “To avoid any power outages, We suggest to have back up plans by installing inverter and enjoy the smooth flow of events”According to the experts at, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan in case of power shortages.

  • Include A Service Related Activity
    Regardless of which niche your club belongs to, try to include at least one to three service related activities a year. Some service related activities include helping out at the local soup kitchen, cleaning up the local beach, collecting food cans for the homeless and so on. These activities help kids get more involved with the local community. It offers them a chance to do well and learn how to make it a part of their daily lives.

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