Toddler’s special: Simple ways to color Easter eggs!

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Toddler’s special: Simple ways to color Easter eggs!

Colored Eggs For Easter Celebration.

How to color Easter eggs easily?

It is a challenging task to dye Easter eggs either by yourself or with your kids. There are several complicated kits, different dyes, and Easter eggs dyeing tutorials that could make the process more overwhelming. Some dye using crayons and some try with paint. After a lot of trials and errors, we have found certain simple and cool ways to beautifully dye Easter eggs.

You can also implement it in your house or school as fun to do kid activities.  We have explained how to dye without touching the eggs. The best part of all these activities is completely fun and kid-friendly. Surely, you will find these crafting ideas best to do with your family.

How to dye without touching the eggs?

Drip dyed Easter eggs: Let the egg stand on an upside-down egg carton or a bottle cap. Drop one to five drops of food color of your choice on the egg. Spray water. Now, repeat using additional colors.

Soap star eggs: Mix 15 drops of dye, one teaspoon of water, and 2 tablespoons of dish soap liquid. Blow the solution using a straw and stir with a straw. You would see the bubble mixture. Drip the eggs and let them dry.

Bubble wrap eggs: It is one of the best DIY crafts you should try at home. Take an egg and completely color it. Take solvent ink pads and press the bubble wrap on them. Now, lay the egg on the bubble wrap. Slowly, pull the corners. If needed, wrap around and remove slowly.

Kid-friendly Easter eggs decorating ideas 

Marbled Easter eggs: Take a cookie sheet and spread shaving cream in the form of a thick layer. Add food color of about 4 to 5 drops and mix using a straw or toothpick. Roll the egg in the cream and color mixture. Let it sit on the mixture for about ten minutes. After removing, pat excess mixture using paper towels.

Washi tape eggs: For this craft, you would require washi tape. Wrap it tightly to the eggshell. Now hold the eggs and start painting. Once you complete, remove the tape. It is recommended to use tapes of various widths. If needed, you can also use stickers for graphic designs.

The dye eggs: To dye eggs, you require rubber bands. Take a few rubber bands and wrap around the eggs. It is best to use thicker bands. Now, dip the eggs in the color mixture or you can take colors of your choice and paint the specific sections. In the end, you will find eggs with beautiful strips. It looks modern. Ensure that you do not crack while coloring or tying the band.

Paint your eggs: If you want your kids to learn colors, this is one of the recommended crafting ideas. You can just give them a boiled egg and ask them to dye as they wish. They will learn colors and also find the craft ultimately fun to do.

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